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Rules of Bronze Army Empty Rules of Bronze Army

Post by jillyfitz on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:31 am

Welcome to Bronze Army! If you'd like to stay in our clan, please follow our rules.

  1. Use BOTH attacks in every war!
  2. Go for STARS, not loot. Leaders will let the clan know if/when it's ok to go for loot in a war.
  3. Everyone should try to DONATE troops to help their clanmates. If you have high level troops, please try to donate at least as many troops as you take. If you have low level troops, try to help with farming/raiding requests some, but mostly save your elixir to level your troops!
  4. War castles should be filled with high level troops (generally level 5+). Respect specific requests.
  5. Read and respect specific troop requests.
  6. Don't ask for expensive troops to farm/raid.
  7. Keep clan chat clean and in English.
  8. Be supportive of your fellow clan mates!

Please register for the forum for the full experience!

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